The Exodus Case


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ISBN: 978-87-7247-708-4
Form: Hardcover, 790 full color photos
450 Pages, 16,5x2,40 cm
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Dr. Lennart Möller's most recent work! The brand new extended third edition to his best selling book, The Exodus Case.  A tremendous amount of information, relayed in the scientific method, concerning multiple topics related to the Exodus, with 450 pages and 790 full color photos and illustrations! This volume is extensive, and contains a great deal of information never released before. Full color on premium high gloss paper, this is an exquisite encylopedia of Biblical history seen through the eyes of science.


Is it really possible that the biblical texts from Abraham to Mount Sinai (Genesis 11:27 - Exodus 40:38) are authentic historical documents? Authentic in the sense that the people actually existed, and the events described genuinely took place? Is it possible to prove these events 4000 years after they took place? Or can we form a realistic picture of these events from documentation, analyses and interpretation? And what is this picture?

In this book you will follow a chain of events that has affected our culture far more than we believe. You must decide for yourself if there is any reason to accept these stories as truth.

Can ancient maps, satellite photographs, chemical analyses, underwater exploration and photography, together with many old documents, bring any clarity to the issue?

The author is a scientist in the area of medicine and molecular biology. Can such a person really write a book on these matters? Maybe it would be better if you left this book and spend your time with something else.

Why bother about these events? Perhaps you have knowledge about these matters. Maybe you have already decided where you standpoint is. The question is, what is your standpoint based on?


Perhaps it is time to take a fresh look at the Exodus.



  • Is the real Mount Sinai “Horeb“ located in today’s Saudi Arabia?
  • Where did Moses lead the people of Israel through the Red Sea?
  • Are there remains of Pharaoh´s army at the bed of the Red Sea?
  • Where is the Rock at Rephidim, where water sprung out when struck by the staff of Moses?
  •  Where is the Altar of the Golden Calf?
  • Did Sulphur rain upon Sodom & Gomorrah?
  • Are Moses and Joseph mentioned in Egyptian History?



The Author

tl_files/content/Lennart_Mller.jpgDr. Möller, Lennart is a research scientist in the field of medicine and DNA-research from Sweden. He has studied a number of subjects (limnology, marine biology, toxicology, chemistry) at the Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm and has a doctors degree in medicine from the Karolinska Institutet (KI). He is now a professor and head of the Research Laboratory of Analytical Toxicology at KI - medical university of Stockholm that decides about the Nobel Prize in Medicine. In addition to his work as a scientist and the publishing of scientific articles, Dr. Möller has published a number of books related to theology, ethics, cancer, urban air, environmental medicine, archaeology and scientific images.

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