Virtual Tour to the Temple 2.0 (DVD-Version)


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Form: DVD, compatible with PC and Mac
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  • With extensive imagery and modern interface.


  • More than 100 interactive, high-resolution panoramic photos.


  • Everything in four integrated languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese).


  • 40 video clips with explanations on site by Dr. Randall Price.


  • Videos  have subtitles in each language for better understanding.


  • Fast installation process and small loading time within the tour.


  • High interactivity and compatibility with standalone browser.




Included is also an integrated access to the online version for worldwide use.

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Temple history can hardly be presented more impressively!
Everything is biblically sound, underpinned by the latest research findings and fascinatingly beautiful.



The Virtual Tour 2.0 in detail:

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  • 40 video clips with explanations on site by Dr. Randall Price.


  • Including Tel-Shiloh, and the Temple Mount, where recordings were extremely difficult due to the political situaion


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  • Videos have subtitles in each language for better understanding.



tl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/1-Antonia.pngtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/2-Herodespalast.jpgtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/3-Monumentaltreppe.jpgtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/4-WaschungsTor.jpg

tl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/5-SaeulenhalleSalomos.jpgtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/6-MikweUnterDreifachTor.jpgtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/7-Cardo2.jpgtl_files/content/bilder fuer produktseiten/virtuelle tour/8-ArchaeologischerPark.jpg


  • With extensive imagery.


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Filming the new Virtual Tour 2.0 in 2014 led us to places that were often not easily accessible to the general public - directly to the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Several times filming had to be abborted due to local resistance. Suddenly we were in the middle of an angry, protesting crowd with Dr. Randall Price


But in the end we successfully captured the particularly special pictures for the new

Virtual Tour 2.0.


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Our equipment

Spherical panoramas with a 360 degree view allow you to interactively explore on your computer. With a resolution of 10000 x 5000 pixels, the images contained in this software achieve an unprecedented quality. 


Our images were recorded with two different methods:


tl_files/content/vt-technik-bilder/previews/CIMG3020.JPG tl_files/content/vt-technik-bilder/previews/FB1A0468.jpg

   Christof Frank - qubic at the Wailing Wall

   On the Temple Mount


A very flexible and unobtrusive system was used to take pictures in special locations where one can only linger briefly.


tl_files/Virtuelle_Tour/Stretched Image 1 (Custom).png


In addition, a fully automated robotic head was used to take long-exposure and ultra-high resolution photos with up to 200 million pixels.


tl_files/content/vt-technik-bilder/previews/CIMG3233.JPG tl_files/content/vt-technik-bilder/previews/CIMG3434.JPG

   On the Mount of Olives

   In the Timna-Park


That's 20 times more than the resolution of modern consumer cameras. The cameras and lenses used here are among the most modern in the world and have received many awards.


tl_files/Virtuelle_Tour/Stretched Image 2 (Custom).png


The new software Virtual Tour to the Temple 2.0 by inner cube brings you closer to the subject of the Temple in Israel as close as never before.



Randall Price


Dr. Randall Price, Th.M., Ph.D., is a leading expert on the Middle East and Israel. His bestselling books are distinguished by his great love for the Bible and archeology. From 2002 to 2012 he served as Director of Excavations on the Qumran Plateau in Israel, the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found. He is the founder and President of World of the Bible Ministries, Inc., Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and an adjunct professor of apologetics at Veritas Theological Seminary. He has received several awards for his research and regularly appears as a guest on various television shows.


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