The Exodus Case

Dr. Lennart Möller's extended third edition of the The Exodus Case has a tremendous amount of information, relayed in the scientific method, concerning multiple topics related to the Exodus, with 450 pages and 790 full color photos and illustrations!


  • Is it really possible that the biblical texts from Abraham to Mount Sinai (Genesis 11:27 - Exodus 40:38) are authentic historical documents?
  • Authentic in the sense that the people actually existed, and the events described genuinely took place?
  • Is it possible to prove these events 4000 years after they took place?
  • Or can we form a realistic picture of these events from documentation, analyses and interpretation?
  • And what is this picture?


In this book you will follow a chain of events that has affected our culture far more than we believe. You must decide for yourself if there is any reason to accept these stories as truth.

Can ancient maps, satellite photographs, chemical analyses, underwater exploration and photography, together with many old documents, bring any clarity to the issue?


The Exodus Case
Interview with Dr. Lennart Möller